Who We Are

Founded in 1998, humuson is the leading marketing technology and services company in South Korea. With over 90% market share for mobile push messaging and 70% market share for email marketing, humuson has become the leader in providing the necessary tools brands and developers need to strengthen relationships with their customers.

We offer easy and effective end-to-end management customer communication process, from mobile push messaging, email marketing messages, to cross channel marketing messages. Our focus on best marketing practices across a single or multiple channels has enabled marketers across the globe to build exceptional customer experiences, driving user engagement and increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Our suite of offerings include Pushpia (Mobile Push Solution), EMS (Email Marketing Solution), TMS (Cross Channel Marketing Solution), and Mobile Analytics platform. These solutions help brands better communicate with customers across various channels and devices. Our robust reporting and insights provide valuable information to help clients adjust their marketing strategy for increased ROI.

In addition, we also offers a full range of services from strategy, creative & design, insights through to email deliverability and technology consulting. Within the industry, our team is recognised for its customer centric approach and ability to help clients revolutionize their marketing.